Hozier Headlines SF Benefit Concert

The Irish singer-songwriter Andrew Hozier-Byrne, better known simply as Hozier, hasn’t put out a new album in a while. But for those who get down with a certain sort of indie soul and rock, his catalog leaves plenty of room to play and, no doubt, his upcoming acoustic set on Thursday, May 18, will offer up some special moments.

Hozier is headlining Rockin’ the Roses, a benefit concert for San Francisco nonprofit Bread & Roses, which organizes hundreds of free performances each year for people who are “isolated from society.”
Hozier will have support from two musically compatible acts, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real and HoneyHoney.

Hozier Performs on Pantisocracy Episode 6

Pantisocracy, a pocast by Panti Bliss, aired their sixth episode on Monday, October 31st, and Hozier was a part of it with his performance of “To Be Alone”.

Her guests in her chamber in this show are novelist John Boyne, (author of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas), Amanullah De Sondy, Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Islam University College Cork, Sligo based Illustrator Annie West, singer Hozier and the actor and singer Bronagh Gallagher. Bronagh offers a song to the cabaret with Bronagh performing ‘Hand on My Heart’ and Hozier sings his song ‘To Be Alone’.

You can listen to the full show at Pantiscracy.

Ben Affleck: “Hozier has everything to be a leading man”

Batman star Ben Affleck reckons that Hozier has everything it takes become a leading man in Hollywood.

The 44-year-old star hand-picked the Irish rocker to perform on the soundtrack of his new gangster movie Live By Night.

And after working closely with Hozier, from Bray, Co Wicklow, he thinks the musician could also have a promising career in acting.

He told the Irish Sun: “I’m a big, big fan. His voice is so haunting, you know, it’s really soulful.

“It takes you back, transports you to another era, which is why was perfect for (this movie).

“The guy is immensely talented, it’s not fair.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if he was a good actor too. I could see him doing that. I’m sure he’s busy enough with the albums and all the success, (but) if he ever finds a window…”


Video: Hozier Performs “To Be Alone” for John Varvatos

John Varvatos features Grammy-nominated musician Hozier in the Fall/Winter 2016 campaign. Alongside iconic imagery encapsulating the legacy of the brand, acclaimed photographer Danny Clinch has directed an original music video of Hozier performing his highly acclaimed single, “To Be Alone.”

Billboard Exclusive: Hozier Joins John Varvatos Fall Campaign

In February, menswear designer John Varvatos transformed his Bowery store—the space that was formerly CBGB—into a darkened mixed-media funhouse for fashion week. There were rows of coffins and fake-blood splatters, David Bowie and Pink Floyd lyrics scrawled across walls, models who accessorized clothing from the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection with creepy animal-head masks. The highly unconventional setup, Varvatos said, was part of a larger question he pondered while rendering the looks: “Is rock dead?” he asked himself.

With Varvatos in New York and Hozier at home, the duo hopped on a long distance call to chat about the campaign and its accompanying Clinch-directed video of Hozier’s “To Be Alone”—which Billboard is exclusively premiering. The conversation, excerpted below, quickly became in the words of Varvatos, “a total love fest.”

Billboard: So how did the campaign come together.

Varvatos: I’ve been a big fan of Andrew’s since he came on the scene. There is so much to love about him, starting with the music and the songwriting and how special it is and how it captures your imagination and heart. But it’s also, I was so intrigued by what a renaissance man he is—how he looks at the world and what goes on in the world, and it comes out in his songs. I was always intrigued by how handsome he is; he’s a great looking guy and that always works great in our world of fashion.

Billboard: Are you blushing over there yet, Andrew?

Hozier: He’s been very very generous. Thank you, John. I suppose from my end, in a similar way, i was absolutely thrilled when my manager first let me know [about the campaign offer]. I had a few pieces of Johns and I always loved that the work he does is this incredibly rare thing where elegance just meets sheer badass. There’s a wonderful spirit in the clothing. I had never met John before and he is an absolute gentleman, someone who really knows his stuff. I was shocked by how much he knows about rock and roll. There is a dedication to the legacy of it—not only in the way the business conducts itself but also in his work and in his life.

Billboard: John, how did you decide what Andrew was going to wear for the shoot?

Varvatos: Andrew is a tall drink of water. How tall are you, Andrew? 6’ 4’’?

Hozier: 6’5,’’ I think.

Varvatos: He’s got long arms, he’s very tall, so we had to make these pieces for him. Based on everything that I knew about him and his personality, I selected some things that I thought he might like—he made them look badass and sexy at the same time.

[Music Video] Hozier – Better Love

“Better Love” from the original motion picture The Legend of Tarzan.

Many years after he left Africa behind, Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgård) returns to the Congo to serve as a trade emissary, unaware that he is actually a pawn in a Belgian captain’s (Christoph Waltz) deadly plot.

The Legend of Tarzan is set to be released in theaters on July 1st 2016 in the USA. For other releases, view IMDB’s release date page.